Part of the Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. It is a far darker and edgier experience than Star Trek productions before it. BORG Invasion 4D uses sight, sound and touch to introduce visitors to a whole new dimension.

Unfortunately for these unsuspecting passers-by, it's a dimension belonging to the BORG, a powerful civilization of cybernetically enhanced beings known for absorbing other species to increase their knowledge and technology.

You are part of a group touring a research facility when it is unexpectedly attacked by the BORG. Crew members direct you to an escape pod as the terrifying drones of the BORG Collective begin to appear on every side, trying to capture and assimilate all who cross their paths. The experience is all too real, with the utilization of 3D and 4D effects, as well as live actors.

BORG Invasion 4D is the first all-digital motion picture to combine both live action and animation within a 3D cinema environment. The attraction boasts the largest number of sensory effects to be choreographed with a 3D film, including atmospheric and hydraulic effects, physical probes, pneumatic actuators and an array of audio transducers.

In addition, you can now take a souvenir photo in an authentic BORG Regeneration Chamber.

Length: 7 minutes, 30 seconds; complete experience: 22 minutes Ride Technology: The first multiple-angle 3D cinema production with 3D effects from the front, overhead, right and left sides. Also the first worldwide attraction to use 2K digital cinema projections, which is two times clearer than any other digital projection system in the world.