This new and exciting game is a fascinating alternative to traditional poker in that players don't compete against a dealer or each other, but simply try to build a good poker hand with a high payoff. As an added incentive, players can take down up to two-thirds of their original bet during play to reduce their risk when the chances for a winning hand appear weak. When starting to play Let it Ride poker all players make three bets which are of equal amounts. In this game, the player is dealt three cards and the dealers is dealt two cards as a community hand, which are not exposed until later. These community cards apply to all hands dealt.

After seeing their first three cards, each player has the choice to take one of their three bets back or to leave it on the table and "let it ride" forward. The dealer then turns over one of the two community cards. Players then have the option to take out another bet or to "let it ride." The player may leave their bet in or take it out the second time regardless of their first play.

The dealer then turns over his second community card and the players lay their cards down, forming the best hand with the combined five cards. The minimum winning hand is a pair of tens or better, which pays even money, with a Royal Flush paying off at 1000-to-1.

Let it ride poker – Payouts

  • Tens or better 1 - 1
  • Two pair: pays 2 - 1
  • Three of a kind: pays 3 - 1
  • Straight: pays 5 - 1
  • Flush: pays 8 - 1
  • Full house: pays 11 - 1
  • Four of a kind: pays 50 - 1
  • Straight flush: pays 200 - 1
  • Royal flush: pays 1,000 - 1

Let it Ride is played at Tropicana, Harrah's properties, including Harrah's, Flamingo, Caesar's Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Bally's and the Rio.

Many casinos impose a table limit of $25,000 in Let it Ride Poker, which of course is designed to protect the casino from you winning too much!

So make sure you check the casino rules when playing let it ride poker to avoid frustration.

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